LHSCA Scholarship Program

I would like to call to your attention to the following constitutional proposal that was adopted at the summer business meeting in 1979 which is listed on the LHSCA website.

“The LHSCA shall award four (4) $1,000 scholarships to four (4) qualified and deserving high school graduates.  The scholarship is intended to assist qualified graduates to further their education at the college or university level.”

ELIGIBILITY:  (1) All applicants must be the son, daughter or legally adopted child of a member of the LHSCA.  All applicants must also be nominated by a current or past member of the LHSCA, and applications must be signed by current school Principal. Said member must have belonged to the LHSCA for the five year period just prior to the submission of the scholarship application.   Children of deceased members are eligible to apply if member belonged to the LHSCA the five years just prior to death.  (2) Applicants must be a graduate of an accredited high school.  (3)  Each applicant must show ample evidence he/she is capable of succeeding at the college level (TRANSCRIPT, GPA, RANK IN CLASS, ACT or SAT SCORES).

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  (1) Evidence must be submitted to the LHSCA that the applicant has been accepted into an accredited institute of higher education.  This evidence must be certified by the school registrar.  When this certification is in the hands of the LHSCA, the scholarship money will be distributed to the student and be can used for any educational purposes (fees, room and board, books, tuition, etc.).  (2)  There will be no discrimination as to sex, race, creed or nationality.  (3)  This scholarship, in addition to other grants of financial aid such as scholarships, loans, grants, or work study, cannot exceed the total cost of the educational expenses listed above.  (4)  Any individual will be limited to one $1,000 scholarship from the LHSCA.

APPLICATIONS:  Applications must be completed on the online form by Friday, April 7, 2017. Final selection will be made by the selection committee during the month of April.  The winners will be presented during the Annual Coaches’ Convention in July. Please make sure your nomination fulfills all of the requirements specified under Article 12.0 of the LHSCA Constitution.

If you have any questions concerning this scholarship, please feel free to contact Terence Williams ([email protected]) or Nicole Griffith ([email protected]).

2017 LHSCA Scholarship Application